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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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well and attend harvard nld 2017. this is after taking a gap year off. so happy birthday to her. and thank you very much for watching this hour of msnbc live, i'll see you back here at 2:00 p.m. eastern time, stay tuned, my colleague kate snow picks things up right now. good day, happy fourth of july, i'm live at msnbc world headquarters in new york on this independence day. donald trump not taking a holiday from twitter. yet taking heat over yet another round of online posts. some of his critics taking aim, calling the presumptive gop nominee anti-semitic. big names, big help, the president and the veep joining hillary clinton on the campaign trail later this week. could the long-awaited appearances strengthen her fight and widen her lead against trump? tackling terror. officials across the nation beefing up their presence on this holiday after several terror attacks across the globe carried out just hours apart. and another round for
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republican. house republicans set to bring their own gun control plan to the floor. as soon as tomorrow following that hour's long sit-in by house democrats. but what is the gop propering and will anything come of it? we begin this hour with donald trump. once again, facing fallout over something he posted on twitter, on saturday, he sent out this tweet, which was criticized before being anti-semitic, it shows a jewish star of david over dollar bills. and today, he continues to tweet about it. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in washington, d.c. with more. >> good morning, this is one of the ways where we see donald trump stepping in it when it comings to his own campaign. so first of all, as you pointed out, the tweet in the artwork depicted there raised a lot of controversy, then we heard from a senior advisor to the trump campaign, who said that this has been corrected, and by doing that, they acknowledged that it was a mistake. but then donald trump, who is at his kind of weekend home, trump
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national golf club in new jersey, he is tweeting or someone tweeting on his behalf this new tweet where he blames it on the media. saying the dishonest media is trying to see something, doing their absolute best to depict their star as the star of david which would represent the jewish faith rather than a sheriff star or plain star. at the trump national golf club. that is sort of getting attention away from the issue of was that an offensive tweet? was it done with knowledge?
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what's going on there. and now putting us back on veeps stake. it is not a holiday in trump world. there's a lot going on there, kate. >> kelly o'donnell in washington, and kelly, donald trump has a rally tomorrow night in north carolina, same place that hillary clinton is going to be. >> well this is one of the ways to compete for media attention, and to try to outdo crowd and it is an aggressive campaign. north carolina is a battleground state, traditionally its been democrat. hillary clinton needs to repeat that. the chasing of the campaigns, not that far apart. so the local media markets in north carolina will certainly have a lot of to attract as well as the national story because as you remember, it was earlier postponed because of the events in orlando, then moved to north carolina because that state is in play. so donald trump is not going to leave that turf uncovered. >> and kelly, just finally
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before i let you go, can i ask you about tweets today about joni ernst. trump tweeting he's going to meet with her and earlier about governor mike pence of indiana. veep stakes? >> it's stirring things up, we know that governor pence went into new jersey on friday night, spent two nights there with his wife and daughter at the trump golf course. played some golf and had a meeting where aids tell me they talked about the future of the country which is a nice open-ended statement about what they might have been discussing. nothing was offered, and nothing accepted said governor pence who is in some parades today. joni ernst has been a person who is rising in the republican party, a star to be sure. and in recent days, outsiders from the campaign said that they were looking at her and donald trump certainly confirmed that. at least putting her on the speculation list by inviting her to spend some time over the holiday at his golf club. chance to get to know each other better. >> kelly o'donnell, thanks so much. let's turn to hillary clinton
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now. she met on saturday for more than three and a half hours with the fbi, the agency is investigating whether she broke the law by using a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. after that meeting, she spoke to chuck todd in the exclusive interview. >> let me just repeat what i have repeated for many months now. i never received nor sent any material that was marked classified. >> casey hunt is in washington for us. casey, let's start there. what are they saying today about the meeting that she had? and how they're going to move past it? >> well kate, at this point, the effort in the clinton campaign really to turn the page on what's been a couple of days of difficult stories, news coverage for her, starting around with the benghazi report that was released midweek last week. going through that meeting that bill clinton had on the tarmac, impromptu, he says with loretta
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lynch, the attorney general, even as this investigation into hillary clinton's use of private e-mail while she was secretary of state was still ongoing and both sides of that exchange, lynch and former president bill clinton saying that they would do it differently if they could do it again, but of course, this leading up to that saturday morning meeting with hillary clinton at fbi headquarters, three and a half hours she and her lawyer, david kindle, her top aid, sheryl mills, opposite, officials from justice and the fbi answering questions. three and a half hours, not necessarily the longest period of time in an investigation like this. obviously her testimony is public on benghazi was much longer than that. her aids are privately optimistic that this could be an indication that this investigation is concluding. and hillary clinton herself eluded to that in that interview with chuck todd. take a look. >> it was something i had
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offered to do since last august, i have the meter to do it and i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its review to a conclusion. >> the question of course whether that conclusion is going to come sooner rather than later, potentially before the democratic national convention in just a few weeks. but at this point, we don't have any indication, one way or the other when they might wrap this up, kate. >> coincidence that it happens on a holiday weekend that she gets this interview on a saturday buried on independence weekend? >> we don't have any concrete evidence that this was something they coordinated to that, but certainly there are fewer people watching the saturday morning interview. hillary clinton herself took in a performance of hamilton on saturday night on broadway. so, trying to, i guess, get something better out of a day on that holiday. >> right. lastly, just because i asked
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kelly, i have to ask you about veep stakes, what's happening on the vp front? there are quite a few that are potential clinton number two's on the sunday shows. >> right. yeah, they seem to fan out across the shows, seeming to compete to see which one could do the best job of defending her publicly, tom paris on meet the press, with chuck on sunday. you had sherrod brown, the senator from ohio. the congress manning from california, also speaking on her behalf. the thinking is still that tim kaine is at the top of many lists. he is senator from virginia, sometimes people for being too boring. he joked about that with chuck todd on "meet the press" a couple weeks ago. at this point, tight-lipped, best way to tell is to see whether or not they refuse to answer questions about whether or not they're on hillary clinton's short list, kate. >> all right, msnbc's casey hunt in washington, thanks so much. wave of terror attacks over
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the weekend raising questions about global security on this holiday. a deadly hostage siege in bangladesh, twin bombings in iraq, and suicide bomber near a mission in saudi arabia. all within the span of three days. what is triggering the attacks? and what are officials here at home doing to keep americans safe as we celebrate the country's birthday? we're there up next.
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now to terror alerts across the middle east. over night a suicide bomber detonate the explosives near the u.s. consulate in the western saudi city of jetta. separately in kuwait, a number of people were arrested for planning an isis-inspired attack. those coming after a blood eye week in three muslim countries has the holy month of ram dam
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comes to a close. on sunday a suicide bombing killed 176 people are injured, 8 # burned bodies remain unidentified. last tuesday, a bombing at the airport in istanbul, turkey, killing 45, e and then last friday, gunmen in bangladesh attacked a restaurant there killing two police officers. fact 20 hostages and killing them as well. all three terror attacks believed to have been perpetrated by islamic extremi t extremis extremists. bill neely joins me now. authorities are they seeing these as being related? >>. >> yes, good afternoon, there is a thread, a couple of months ago, isis called on its followers to attack people that it calls infidels and foreigners during the holy month of ramadan which is just coming to an end. iraq and turkey and bangladesh, they're all speaking to each other or speaking directly to any central command in raqqa,
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they are responding to that isis call. in the latest incident, a suicide bomber got within 30 feet of the consulate inside arabia. he blew himself up after being challenged by two security men and three bombs were found. it's the first time in years that its been targeted. iraq of course is scarred by years of suicide attacks. this bombing however may well be the worst in a decade or more. the death toll as you say, at least 200. and as they search the rubble of this shopping district, more bodies are being found. it was a truck packed with explosives, dozens of children among the dead. whole families died together. and this bombing came just a week after iraqi forces retook fallujah from isis. so it looks like the terror group there is lashing back. bangladesh, a different story, it's now the latest country to suffer an isis massacre among the 22 dead, at a restaurant
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where three teenagers studying in america, nine italians, seven japanese. so terrible week, isis blamed for last week's attack in turkey, not bangladesh, and iraq join that hit list. nearly 300 dead until less than a week, and muslims, of course, especially in turkey and baghdad make up the vast majority of those victims, kate. >> nbc's bill neely, thank you so much. joining me now, malcolm nance, terrorism analyst, malcolm, you and i spent a lot of hours together on friday as we watched what happened in bangladesh play out. here we are, what, 48 hours later and we look at the map we showed a few moments ago. we have hot spots and things that have hammed all over that part of the world. just in the last few days. what do you make of all of this? >> bill neely said that there was a common thread that goes through all of these. i think there's more than a thread that's going on here. i think what you've seen here is an isis-inspired and in some
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cases enabled strategic bombing campaign. you know, we have the saying in intelligence, coincidence takes a lot of planning. and there's just way too much coincidence going on here for all of these attacks. you start off with istanbul, you move on to bangladesh, saudi arabia, they stopped an attack in kuwait. they captured an entire terrorist cell, the baghdad bombing, which should have taken an anonymous amount of planning because it's very hard to get into baghdad. >> and huge truck -- >> absolutely. and believe me, i have survived a bombing, i know what security is like there. someone had the ability to go through that facility with government credentials. >> is isis, bill neely mentioned this, is isis retaliating for loss of land and territory in iraq and syria? >> oh yes, we're going to see this for some time. sooiz being squeezed. it's like pressure being pressed down on to a ball of murk ri. all the components will squeeze
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and spread out into their various subcomponents. what you're seeing here it's easier to maintain the global narrative of striking out in several countries simultaneously. and then of course, while they get lost on the battlefield as we're going to see over the next year, attacks that are inspired like orlando and san bernardino, they are going to become the norm as isis becoming a ghost call fat. >> we're about to turn to the u.s. and talk about july 4th preparations. i want your input on that, do you worry about isis-inspired attacks in the homeland here? >> i worry aebd isis-inspired attacks all the time. the organization has to do nothing. all they have to do is put out their propaganda and a mental defect or, you know, some political aspirations or just someone who wants to be famous can go out, carry out a massacre within the confides of our laws, and then go out and claim that they're part of the islamic
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state. isis will accept anyone, anywhere, any time, so long as they carry out a mass murder of americans. that being said, we have a massive law enforcement presence in the united states, over a million and a half police and a deep intelligence bench. >> which we'll talk about right now, great segue, thank you so much. this is july 4th, obviously, and as malcolm says, security is a top priority for law enforcement. major cities have seen an uptick in police presence over the weekend. it's visible, particularly in the wake of those terror attacks. in new york, more than a million people are expected to turn out for tonight's big fireworks events. officials rolled out what they called extra layers of security to ensure people's safety. we are out in new york city's central park. talk about the preparations ahead of tonight's celebrations. >> reporter: over 1257 new police officers on the streets this weekend, and today. making certain that people are safe. add that number to the thousands of police officers who patrol the city every single day.
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on top of that, add an extra command security unit that is out particularly and specifically all about security for places like this, one of the most famous cities in the world, this certainly is one of the most famous parks in the world. central park, i'm going to step out of the view for just a second. take a look, it is alive wl activity, and the security people here, you can see and you cannot see. and sky people whether they have concerns about their own safety. take a listen. >> i am definitely concerned. i'm concerned with being in open areas where there's a lot of people. any type of, you know, weird behaviors, i get worried about. >> i try not to live in fear. i try not to live scared. day by day. i use caution, but i don't live in fear. >> i just think that like nothing really terrible has happened here in a long time, so i kind of reassures me. >> reporter: and even people who said they had concerns about their safety also said, they
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felt it was important not to live their whole lives in fear. that's why we were able to talk to him out there in the park, kate. i should tell you also we saw a young couple getting married here in central park. and that's an expression certainly of their sense of safety here today. but they know they are surrounded by security people as well. kate. >> i like ending on that good news anyway, right? thanks so much. all the bests to that couple. i want to bring in jim cavanaugh. jim, take us inside law enforcement as they're thinking about today, as they're thinking about celebrations tonight. what would they be most concerned about and what's the strategy? >> well, the one strategy is the big presence like you're seeing around the big cities and the fireworks displays. a lot of cops, a lot of presence, very visible. so they can stop something quick in its tracks, kate. you don't think about gar land, texas, when the two shooters showed up there, they were ready, prepared, and ready to
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stop them. so more cops matter. and more eyes matter, more coordination matters, a strong force layered behind with intelligence and command. >> for those of us headed out to big celebrations tonight, what you would call a soft target. what precautions do we take? >> well, here's the thing. you have to have a mindset of being alert. individually and with your small group as you go out. agree before you go, you're going to be alert. set up your own personal command post with somebody that's not traveling with you who will be at home and contacts and news. agree if you see something, you say something. it's always subtle, kate, the obvious someone with a gun or a bomb going off, it's pretty obvious, but it's something subtle gets in your gut. say something and react to it. and move away. the other advice i always give people is take cover, there could be another. there could be another bomber. there could be another shooter. and you see these attacks we're seeing across the world now,
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with little cells was inspired actors or directed attacks by al qaeda or isis. little packs of people. so don't just run headlong and lose your perspective, move swiftly, but be alert, don't run into another bomb or shooter. look at the boston marathon, two bombs. you don't to want run toward the other bomb. keep your head about you, move quickly. have a meeting place. contact your personal command post, and get away. >> let me ask you though jim, sometimes you say, see something, say something, everybody says that, sometimes it goes too far. there was an incident in iowa von, ohio, that demonstrates how anxious i think people are. this was a businessman in from the middle east, he's dressed in a traditional robe, he was mistaken for a terrorist. people called 911, we've got some video police rushed to the scene after that 911 call, they thought they'd heard him pledge allegiance to isis. the arrest is all caught on this police body camera, here we can take a listen to some of it.
9:23 am
>> don't move. >> grab his hands, cuff him up. >> do not move. >> what is this? >> grab that arm. >> jim, this man was let go shortly after that. it was all a big mistake. it sparked international criticism, mate your had to come out and personally apologize to this poor gentleman. where is that line between saying something and saying too much? >> right. what the police are trying to tell people it is to say something about behavior. not to say something if you see a muslim. that's racial profiling and religious profiling. all muslims are not terrorists, there's 1.7 billion muslims in the world. isis and al qaeda is a death cult. really nothing to do with islam, they're trying to grab islam and exploit it. so that's not the way to react
9:24 am
if you see a muslim you call the police. it's behavior. somebody with the backpack, trying trying to hide something, someone looking suspicious themselves. sweating, trying to activate something in their pack. you know, these kind of things should set off alarms, not the fact of anybody's religious beliefs or just dress or they have a long beard or clothing from the middle east. that's not behavior anybody needs to alert anybody about. >> msnbc's jim cavanaugh, thanks so much. straight ahead, some major news in the sports world. announcement shaking up the nba. stay with us. were the first in my family to graduate from college and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision.
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9:27 am cook healthy meals... yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. a seismic shift in the nba, kevin durant announcing he's leaving the oklahoma city thunder, he's joining the golden state warriors. he's spent his entire career with the thunder organization, and in this year, they lost a dramatic seven-game series to the warriors in the western conference finals. the warriors set an nba regular
9:28 am
season record with 73 wins before losing the nba finals to the cleveland cavaliers. historic major league baseball game last night between the atlanta braves and miami marlins. the game was the first ever played on an active military base, ft. bragg, north carolina, it all grew out of a mitch major league baseball made to the defense department last year to celebrate the military this july 4th weekend. once everyone agreed, it was a scramble to build this makeshift stadium. by the way, it was won 5-2. this week high profile help for hillary clinton. the president and the veep joining the former secretary of state on the stump for the very first time. what their appearances could do for her campaign this time around when we come back. ♪ uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back.
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head to charlotte, north carolina, and clinton is hoping she can capitalize on the president's popularity in a newly released washington post/abc poll, president obama's ratings, 56%, that's the highest since may 2011 after the killing of osama bin laden. former pennsylvania governor and mr. watkins who served in the george h.w. bush administration. happy holiday, nice to see you. ed, i love the outfit. very patriotic. >> i'm on my way to a fourth of july parade. >> i love it, thanks for stopping in before that. let me start with what we just mentioned. obama's star power out there for hillary clinton. you'd think it helps her a lot? >> no doubt. president obama is amazing at turning out base democrats. he's almost 90% popular among
9:33 am
democrats and has a tremendous effect on the base. we had a supreme court election last year, an offyear election, we sent a letter from president obama into homes, democratic homes in philadelphia and pittsburgh, kind of unprecedented turnout for judicial election. so he can turn that like nobody can and joe biden can speak to those blue collar union guys who are reagan democrats, who are being affected by donald trump and remind them, it's rhetoric, it's not action, and you're going to vote for the party that voted not to extend their own employment benefits, voted right to work in many states. wants to feel bake bacon. joe is the best possible messenger. >> maybe not a great weekend for hillary clinton. she's still having trouble with the issue of trust worthiness in the wake of the fbi meeting on saturday that she had for fours and last week's meeting between her husband and loretta lynch, the attorney general which they've now apologized for. look for the numbers in an nbc/wall street journal poll,
9:34 am
clinton trails donald trump by 16 points when asked which candidate is honest and straightforward. how does trump capitalize on that this week? >> well, he's going to capitalize on that by making sure he gets his message out where it matters. this is still going to be a tough race, a close rice, at least right now it's looking to be. you can tell what' happening in the states of pennsylvania and ohio, north carolina, virginia, and florida, especially, and how the candidates are doing in those two races. donald trump has to make sure he fine tunes his message and that he speaks directly to those, those people who will want to support him in a november election over hillary clinton. especially in the state of florida, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, and virginia. got to raise the money to get that message out. >> and let's look closer at the map for hillary clinton this week. she campaigns with the president tomorrow, then own wednesday, she's in atlantic city to hit trump's bankruptcy's presumably, that's where he had those.
9:35 am
on friday, with joe biden in scranton, ohio, your state, and talk about the map and the importance of pennsylvania. >> well, pennsylvania is pretty crucial to democrats. and if you can win pennsylvania and ohio, if hillary clinton wins those two, it's ball game over. as you know, no republican has won the presidency without carrying ohio. and its been a while since a democrat's won the presidency without carrying pennsylvania. those are two important battleground states, i think joe's right, this is shaking up to be a close election. nobody can take it for granted. one exception in the states that joe talked about in florida. the most recent poll in florida has hillary clinton up double digits. i think you're seeing the effect of the hispanic vote down in florida. >> joe, trump supporters on the sunday morning shows yesterday, having kind of a hard time coming up with why they support donald trump. take a listen to senator cotton and senator mccain.
9:36 am
>> i understand that against hillary clinton, what's the case for donald trump? >> well, donald trump can ultimately make the case for himself -- >> as i've said,ly support the nominee of the party. i have strong disagreements and we've just been through several of them. and that's my position. >> so not exactly full throated endorsements there, joe, does he need those? does he need more surrogates? more people to voice their support? >> well, not necessarily. i mean, of course politics, old politics are local, senator mccain has to worry about the politics of his state of arizona and tom cotton with arkansas. donald trump needs to get his message -- he's an effective messenger. he does a great job with the dweets and in his speeches -- >> he's taken heat for his tweets today, go ahead. >> but, no doubt, but in terms of reaching the base with his tweets and getting messages out, he's very, very good at that.
9:37 am
he's going to have to do better than that. you're going have to microtarget to win those important key states. and hillary clinton has less that he needs to win to win the electoral college than donald trump. he has to work hard to get his message out. >> ed rendell, joe watkins, we'll let you go on to your plans, your barbecues, joe, get out of that tie. >> that's right. >> something more casual. appreciate both of you being with us. thanks so much. the gop national convention beginning two weeks from today. donald trump is facing with a battle within his own party from the stop trump movement. >> colorado's taught me a lot about politics. i learned a lot. because polls came out that i was going to win colorado and doing really well in colorado, and looked good, and i was looking forward to it, and then all of the sudden, i didn't get the delegates. i said, but what happened to vote? do you remember? we had some of you folks probably were out there with a little picketing, and a little
9:38 am
craziness. >> that was friday in denver, colorado, joining me now, kendall uru, he's a gop delegate from colorado. you have said this about the stop trump movement and the challenge to the convention rules. you've said even if it doesn't make it through rules, so be it, then it's a floor fight. you are against donald trump here, what's your path to getting enough delegates on your side to stop donald trump from getting with the nomination? >> well, obviously i started through the delegates because i wanted to make sure that donald trump was not the face of our party, and that he was not our nominee. we've been joined by delegates on which has brought bell run into the vein was our movement. we have a phenomenal floor plan we're going to execute. they were able to finance the structure necessary in order to obtain the floor flight. basically if it doesn't make it through the rules committee, i've known that it was an uphill battle, i'm continuing to close those votes and i have time to
9:39 am
do that -- >> which is telling people they can vote their conscious. they don't have to be committed to trump. >> it codifies a right that the delegates have to be unbound. that's all i'm doing, a permission slip telling them to activate the power they have. beyond that, there is now a structure in place to actually bring it to the floor of the convention and for once we're going to have a convention and the delegates will be allowed to do their job and that is to cast the ballot for the nominee that they feel best represents their party and their platform and actually the intent of the voters, that sent the delegates to the convention. ultimately, if donald trump does still remain our nominee, then it actually unifies the party. he should actually welcome this process for the delegates to be unbound, it would help solidify his candidacy. they were talking just about how the fact that he's not able to activate the base. and what they're asking the delegates to go out and do, we are the ones that canvas our neighborhoods, we turn out the vote for a candidate, and quite
9:40 am
frankly, there isn't any excitement in the base, and we can't knock on our neighbor's door and say he is the best candidate and it doesn't win an tloex say, but he's not hillary. that's the problem he's facing. that is why this is so important and, and find a nominee that can go out and win against hillary. >> who is that? who is this mystery nominee that you find to come in and take donald trump's place? i'm not quite getting the end game. >> well, and i will tell you this is historical first, we're trying to run a campaign without a candidate, but i will tell you when the support is there, there reason somebody who does jump in, guaranteed, that is just the way the politics works and this has been done on a local vel, i've seen it happen, grass roots provides the necessary support for a candidate, and hate it just kind of jump in to that wave. so that said, there's no guaranteed outcome, i don't have a candidate in mind and i don't have a picture on the box to the puz that will we're putting together, but we have a coalition of delegates from all of the candidates and all of
9:41 am
their campaigns that are all working together, that's the power of our movement, that's what's given us the momentum, this is what has given us truly the best chance of making sure that another candidate that better reflects our platform and our value system is the face of our party. we want to win against hillary, we to want have a supreme court justices and don't want to lose all the races that we're currently losing right now with donald trump as our trumptive nominee. it's about keeping the republican party, the integrity and the structure and the character of the party intact to win in the fall. >> kennedy dal, thank you so much. thanks again. up next, up next the personal push for gun reform after the democrats stood a stand for change in the house. it appears gop-backed legislation could make it to the chambers floor this week. up next, we'll speak to a mother whose online post triggered a movement in the wake of the newtown massacre.
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house will be in order. the chair wishes to make an announcement regarding the decorum in the house chamber. >> it has been three weeks since the orlando masker that left 49 people dead and nearly two weeks since that scene went democrats led by congressman john lewis staged a 26-hour sit-in demanding a vote on gun control measures. now house republican leaders including can paul ryan say that they will vote this week on an anti-terrorism package which includes a provision to stop terrorists from buying guns. that no fly no buy provision introduced by marngt leader kevin mccarthy is similar to a senate amendment that failed to pass an republican amendment. speaker ryan appears to presumptively block house democrats from staging another floor protest this week. i'm joined now by shannon watts, founder of moms demand action for gun sense in america, shannon formed the grassroots organization following the massacre at sandy hook elementary, thanks for being
9:46 am
with us on a holiday, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> let me start with capitol hill, democrats saying they're not going to support this republican measure that was announce on the friday. they claim it doesn't go far enough. what's your position on it? >> that's the problem based on research. and republicans in supported by and make it easier for them. >> this provision that's in the republican bill, as i understand it, is similar to one that was in the senate. it allows for three days worth of time for the attorney general to stop a sale of someone who's on a terror watch list. how does that make it easier? >> the bill actually makes it harder. so you have to go in and the fbi has to get involved. and it has three days to approve that this person should not have
9:47 am
a gun. it's much different than the feinstein bill which is actually the bill that we support. it's a bill supported by, for example, republican pat tumy in the past. there are bipartisan solutions to this issue and we are very hopeful that within the next few days we can see the members of the senate, members of the house all come together to support something that is actually going to impact keeping terrorists from having guns, hopefully closing our background check loopholes, something that actually will work. not something that is red hairing endorsed by the gun lobby. >> is something better than nothing? if you can get some legislation passed this week, even if it is nra-endorsed and republican led, is that better than nothing? >> the legislation that is proposed and supported by nra is nothing. it doesn't do much more. in fact it may make it easier. sop again, we're looking for bipartisan legislation that actually makes a difference. this isn't about one vote or one
9:48 am
bill. americans rose up in the aftermath of orlando, we sue a filibuster with, we saw a sit-in, we are demanding real concrete action. we're not going to let this go. we're not going to settle for anything less. >> are democrats going to stage another sit-in if they don't get what they want tomorrow? >> i think democrats have a lot planned, our organization has a plot planned. the element of summarize of the sit-in and the filibuster. really took the other side off guard. and will text disarm to 64433, and you can get involved this week and all of the activities we'll be having to keep america's attention on this national crisis. that kills 91 americans every day and injures hundreds more. >> shannon watts, thank you so much for your time, happy fourth. appreciate it. >> you too. we are just a couple weeks from the republican convention, and still no clear answer about who donald trump will pick as his second in command. indiana governor mike pence among the names being tossed
9:49 am
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with just weeks to the national conventions, the veep stakes heating up on both sides. just a short time ago, donald trump tweeted quote i look forward to meeting joni ernst today in new jersey. she has done a great job as senator of iowa. that follows the meeting with indiana governor mike pence. pence wouldn't say if the discussion centered on the vice presidential nomination. on the democratic side, some of the possible running mates were playing it coy on the sunday shows. >> that's a question to be asked of secretary clinton. i have total confidence she's going to make the great decision. i'm not going to speculate. i think i've answered that. >> i'm not asking you to speculate. have you been contacted? >> you've heard my answer, that's what you're going to get. >> i've talked about this, i'm referring questions about the best vice presidency to the woman that's going to have to
9:53 am
make this decision. you should talk to the hillary clinton campaign. >> joining me now, portfolio columnist bob franken. nice to see you. >> go back to our days at another network. >> forgive me. >> you were a great friend, thank you. trump, let's start with him. and he's already said he's meeting witherness. he's met with pence already. can you meet them? are we close to having his vp pick? >> well, i learned a long time ago when it comes down to this kind of thing. the tea leaves are worthless. of course much of the speculation has centered around house speaker, former house speaker newt gingrich. who has done everything but jump up and down and see me, me, me, he's not been subtle about this at all. subtlety is not his hallmark. somebody else who is not known for his nuance is chris christie whose name also comes up a lot. we all know about their relationship, christie the former presidential candidate who quickly then came out to
9:54 am
support donald trump. i've been trumped by the meeting with joni ernst. she of course is a woman and trump has what we call a woman problem in the proplation. >> what does he need in general? what do you think donald trump's looking for in that running mate? >> well, i think the consensus is that he's looking for somebody who can give him some credibility. donald trump has made a big thing about running as the outsider. now many people say that they're worried among the other criticisms of him that he may be so outside that he doesn't really understand how the wheels of government work. and so, he might be looking for somebody. that's why newt gingrich's name has come up so often. >> let me switch to the other
9:55 am
si side. >> where are we now? >> people are holding their breaths. tim kaine comes up more often than not is a matter of fact, that can be the kiss of death. he's considered to the favorite and now we have my personal favorite, the dark horse is tom perez who is also giving non-answers on the sunday talk show. he's the labor secretary right now and somebody who would be very, very much at home with the progressive people. >> bob franken, great to run through it with you, have a happy fourth. more ahead here on msnbc, after we take a quick break, but first, a check of your independence fireworks forecast across the country. (vo) stank face.
9:56 am
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hi again everyone, happy fourth of july on this independence day. here's what we're looking at. political fireworks, donald trump fighting back against his critics. how the presumptive nominee is defending a tweet that many found offensive, at the same time, his search for a running mate intensifies with a new name. hillary clinton trying to move forward after her talk with the fbi about her personal e-mail server and her message to our chuck todd about the investigation. >> i never received nor sent any
10:00 am
material that was marked classified. >> plus another day, another attack. how isis is stepping up strikes around the world as it loses ground here at home. i'm kate snow, turning things over now to my colleague chris janson for the next hour. >> thanks so much. wrooer going to begin now with donald trump. doing his talking on twitter this fourth of july, there's a surprise, blasting hillary clinton and the white house on foreign spols. giving if he details and responding for the first time to the controversy over a tweet that's being criticized as anti-semitic. it shows an image of clinton and the star of david over $100 bills. that tweet has sense been deleted. this morning, trump responded to the criticism tweeting, quote, dishonest media is trying their absolute best to depict a star in the tweet at the star of david, rather than a sheriff's star or plain star. moments ago, the clinton campaign released this statement


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